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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sensors In Daily Life
John F. Kennedy Airport

I went to pick my parents up at the airport, and the entire encounter with the terminals was full of sensor interaction. I thought about taking pictures to illustrate some of them, but realized that some guy walking around JFK taking pictures of the security a few days before September 11th probably wasn't going to go over very well with travellers.

- EZ Pass scanners on the Whitestone Bridge: no need to come to a complete stop- RFID
- Pressure Sensor in the parking lot: as you pull up to the automated booth, your car activates the ticket dispenser so you can park.
- IR sensors to activate many of the doors
- Security Cameras: Charged Coupling Devices (CCD capture chips)
- Automatic Toilets: IR sensors
- Ticket Reader upon exiting the parking lot

At Home:
- Temperature Monitors in my laptop and desktop computers
- Smoke Detector
- DV Camcorder

Oh wait, how about my toungue with al of its regions and taste buds? Excellent sensors. Same would then go for the nose, the eyes, and your skin. All excellent sensors we use on a fairly substantial basis.


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